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5 Benefits Of Waterproof Concrete

reasons to use waterproof concrete - merced ca swimming pool

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Waterproof concrete is used for a number of projects including swimming pools, basements, water features, and similar structures. It’s used when the finished product will be regularly in contact with water and you don’t want it to break down like non waterproof concrete would. 

If you’re creating a concrete structure that’s going to be exposed to water on a regular basis, then here are the top reasons you want to use waterproof concrete. 

Prevents Corrosion & Breakdown 

When you’re building a pool or other similar structure that’s going to be in contact with large amounts of water, it’s important that the interior structures (metal, wood, etc.) are also factored in. To keep water out of the structure and prevent it from breaking down the internal materials, waterproof concrete is a must. Without using waterproof concrete, you could be putting both the structure and your home at risk. 

Helps Prevent Mold 

It can be frustrating to build something new only to find out that it has to be re-done because mold and mildew are forming behind the structure. Mold and mildew both make your property look worse and present possible health complications that are better off being avoided. When you use waterproof concrete, you are using a material that has a built in moisture barrier to prevent this from occurring. 

More Durable 

If you’re on the fence about using waterproof concrete, you can always think about it as a long term investment. When you’re building a structure that’s going to be in heavy contact with water, then using waterproof concrete is the right move because it’s built for the job. Regular concrete that’s exposed to water like this will form cracks, breakdown, and require repair far more often – which will cost you more in the long run. 

It’s Good For Property Value 

One important factor to think about when building something new is the impact it’s going to have on the resale value of your property. Anytime you build something at your home, it’s important to futureproof your structure since the next buyer will likely have an inspection performed that will identify any weaknesses in the structure – lowering your property value if any are found. By building your structure with waterproof concrete, you’re securing a solid structure that won’t break down nearly as quickly. 

Easier To Clean & Maintain 

When you have concrete that’s often exposed to water and moisture, it can become moldy, dirty, and dingy. This often requires regular cleaning to keep it looking decent which can be a bit of a hassle. With waterproof concrete, it’s much easier to clean the surfaces since they have the built in moisture barrier that makes it harder for mold and mildew to form. 

When it comes to concrete work in the Central Valleyreach out to AM Construction & Concrete. We offer a variety of services including helping you with waterproof concrete. Contact us today to get started. 

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