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5 Tips For Hiring The Best Concrete Contractor In Merced, CA 

choosing a concrete contractor in merced california

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Concrete is one of the most popular building materials in the world for both residential and commercial construction. However, concrete can also be a difficult material to work with if you’re not highly experienced in all use cases. Finding the right concrete contractor can be the difference between a project that’s fast, efficient, and looks great or one that’s not quite what you desired. 

Whether you’re building a new garden path around your home, need driveway repairs, or want to stamp & color your concrete, we have some tips to help you choose the right contractor for your project. 

Know The Results You Want To Achieve 

Concrete contractors need to know the look you’re going for and what you expect to achieve with your project. Of course, a good contractor will present you with a variety of options including types of concrete, color options, stamping options, and more to help you narrow the field. But, this is a concrete structure that will be there for a long time so get clear on what you’re looking for prior to agreeing to anything. 

Make Sure They Have a Good Reputation 

You would be surprised at how quickly you can find out if a contractor is good simply by asking for references or checking their online reviews. While you can’t please everyone, your contractor should have some solid references and examples of their work. 

Get a Few Quotes 

Compare the prices you get from each contractor prior to committing to anyone. Also, get it in writing what will be included in the project as well as a breakdown of the costs associated with your project. Be careful not to automatically choose the cheapest contractor though. We’ve seen it many times where the homeowner picks a cheap contractor only to get poor results and find out the contractor wasn’t licensed. This is an even bigger problem if the contractor didn’t secure permits since you’ll be on the hook for removing the concrete work and have no recourse. 

Verify Insurance

Speaking of unlicensed contractors, it’s important that you verify your contractor has insurance. Things happen in construction and stuff can go wrong. It’s a fact of life. However, your contractor should have insurance to cover any unforeseen mishaps and ensure that you get the result you were after. All professional contractors should have insurance that’s more than enough to meet the size of your project. 

Customer Service 

You don’t have to hire somebody to know whether or not you’re going to get good service. It should start the moment you call them. From the friendliness of the person who answers your call to the contractor providing you with the quote and details of your project. Are they a good communicator? Are they friendly? Do they take the time to explain things? These should all be factored in when deciding on who you’re going to hire. 

Need a Contractor? 

Reach out to AM Construction & Concrete! Our team of professional concrete contractors in Merced, CA have the tools, knowledge and experience to ensure that your project is completed on time and done right the first time. Contact us today for a free quote.

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