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Merced Concrete Foundation installation

A foundation is a critical component of your home, garage, and nearly any building you walk into. A concrete foundation provides a stable base for a structure and ensures that the structure will last for many decades into the future. As you probably know, it’s critical that these are built to code and with the best materials. 

At AM Construction & Concrete, we install concrete foundations for all types of homes and structures throughout Merced, CA, and the surrounding areas of the Central Valley. Our durable foundations can withstand all weather conditions and we’re experts when it comes to grading and safety. When you need a foundation installed properly, one that’s built to last for many decades without problems, reach out to the professionals at AM Construction & Concrete. 

Foundations For Homes, Garages & Sheds

We specialize in building concrete foundations for many structures. For residential properties, we most often build foundations for whole homes, add on garages, and for sheds. All foundations are customized to the specs of your building so whether it’s a multi-car garage, home, or small she-shed in the backyard, we have you covered. Reach out to our experts today for a free quote on your upcoming project! 

Why Choose a Concrete Foundation

A concrete foundation, sometimes called a slab foundation, monolithic, or monoslab foundation is a large slab of concrete that’s poured and designed to the specifications of the building it’s being made for. It’s a less expensive way to have a very durable foundation and it’s relatively quick to install. 

Concrete foundations are also poured on site. One major benefit of pouring on site is that the foundation is one large piece that, when done properly, won’t have weak points where it’s going to crumble or break over time and result in costly repairs. 

When you want a foundation that’s durable, affordable, and quick to install – concrete is the way to go.

How Does a Foundation Get Installed

The exact process for installing a foundation depends on the structure it’s being installed for. But the steps are: 

  1. Pick a location – You need to know where you’re installing the structure and then we want to have the soil conditions examined to ensure it can support the foundation and structure. We can advise on soil conditions to ensure your desired location is workable or advise on steps we would need to take to ensure the foundation is solid. 
  2. Conduct a survey to ensure the entire foundation can be properly formed. 
  3. Dig – depending on the size and location of the site, we may use excavators. 
  4. Install footings that frame out the slab. 
  5. Pour the concrete – it’s very important that you hire a qualified contractor because there are a number of dos and don’ts for this process. 
  6. Once the concrete slab has cured, we create the insulated stem walls, seal the slab, and your foundation is done.

Trust The Best In Merced

When it comes to pouring concrete slabs in the Central Valley, trust the professionals at AM Construction & Concrete. We pour slabs for both large and small projects and have the knowledge, tools, and expertise to do the work properly the first time. We also guarantee our work and provide free estimates. Give us a call now to get started. 

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