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There’s nothing worse than a bumpy, cracked sidewalk that doesn’t look presentable. It’s a little thing, but it’s always there when you look at it.

AM Construction & Concrete will restore your sidewalk to its former glory so that your house looks great again! We specialize in concrete services of all types and we can repair or install your sidewalks so they stay strong and beautiful.

For a free quote, reach out to the go-to company for sidewalks in the Central Valley. Call AM Construction & Concrete now!

Benefits of Concrete Sidewalks

There are many benefits that concrete sidewalks provide. They can be used to create beautiful garden walkways, you can add a new sidewalk around your home, and a whole lot more. Here are a few of the main benefits: 

Patterns – It can be poured in any design or shape and poured to the size that you require. This lets you replicate styles from difficult-to-find building materials like stone, pebbles, bricks, or even tiny pebbles, and more.

Colors – Using stains and other methods, we can color your sidewalk to any tone. This way, it matches the look of your home or property.

Durability – Concrete products have become more and more popular in renewable building materials as they have shown better durability than other natural products. Their longevity, ability to withstand the elements, and versatility make them the best choice for homeowners and businesses.

6 Signs Your Sidewalks are in Need of Repair

There are six major signs that your sidewalks might be in need of repair or replacement:

  1. Cracks in the ground
  2. Sidewalk becoming uneven
  3. Sidewalk slanting downwards
  4. Risks for tripping hazards on the sidewalk
  5. Sidewalk becoming unusable because it’s too narrow or inaccessible
  6. Crumbling areas on the sidewalk

The Importance of a Professional Contractor

When choosing a concrete contractor in Merced, CA, it’s important to consider the contractor’s experience and expertise. Our team has years of experience understanding all kinds of concrete surfaces, including sidewalks, and we’ll provide you with quality workmanship in a timely manner. 

How to Choose the Best Sidewalk Concrete Contractor for Your Project?

Choosing the best sidewalk concrete contractor is not an easy decision. The cost of the project matters but it shouldn’t be the only factor to consider when hiring a contractor. You also want to think about the experience of the contractor, their references, and if they’re licensed and insured.

You also want to consider what type of concrete you desire. For example, stained or stamped concrete can add a very pleasing look to your home. If you’re unsure, a good contractor like AM Construction & Concrete can help you decide. Give us a call for a free quote and let us help you design and build your new sidewalk.

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