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Is Your Pool Deck Uneven? Here’s What To Do…

concrete pool deck around a house in Merced CA

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Has your pool deck concrete dipped or settled down, creating uneven surfaces and hazards for you and your family? The professionals at AM Construction & Concrete can help! We have comprehensive solutions available to homeowners throughout the Central Valley. Read below to learn what can be done when your pool decks sinking or uneven. 

What causes a sinking pool deck? 

Pool decks sink due to the soil around the pool. When pools are built, the backfill soil that’s added around the pool isn’t as compact as the soil that’s been undisturbed. Soils all have different load bearing capacities and if the contractor who built your pool didn’t properly calculate this, then your soil is likely to settle and cause uneven concrete around your pool. Other factors that can contribute to a sinking pool deck are changes in soil moisture and soil washout. Regardless of the cause, the team at AM Construction & Concrete is more than able to help you.

How Can I Fix My Pool Deck?

There are a few ways to fix your pool deck. The first is to remove the sunken concrete (demo) and pour new concrete. The second solution is called mud jacking. This is where a hole is drilled in the sunken slab, then concrete is pumped underneath the original slab to bring it up to the level of your other slabs. Finally, you can also use foam jacking. 

With foam jacking, polyurethane foam is injected underneath the slab similarly to the mud jacking process. The difference between these options is that one uses foam and the other uses concrete. Additionally, mud jacking holes are slightly larger.

Why fix your concrete problems now?

Concrete problems create hazards for you, your family, and anyone walking around your swimming pool. Additionally, these problems don’t get better on their own. In fact, they get worse over time and become more and more expensive to fix. Instead of waiting and wondering how much it’ll cost, reach out to the professional Central Valley concrete team at AM Construction & Concrete. We provide free quotes, prompt service, and always stand behind our work. 

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