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Should You Use Ready Mix Concrete for Your Driveway Project?

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Concrete is one of the most versatile construction materials. It’s ideal for a variety of construction projects, from simple plant boxes to major highways and large buildings.

Due to demand changes over time, the content mix options for making concrete and the processes of concrete laying have evolved.

If you want to rebuild your driveway, one of the best options is to use ready-mix concrete. The final product is both firm and durable.

Ready-Mix Concrete: What is It?

Ready-mix concrete is concrete manufactured in a plant for specific job requirements. The manufacturers batch, mix and deliver the concrete to the construction site in a plastic state. They transport the product in an in-transit mixer or barrel truck.

During the manufacturing process, experts use high-quality raw materials to match customer requirements. This way, they ensure the durability and sustainability of the end product. There are three types of ready-mix concrete:

  • Shrink mixed concrete: Partially mixed in the plant and in-transit
  • Transit mixed concrete: All ingredients, including water, get mixed during transport
  • Central-mixed concrete: Thoroughly mixed before loading into the truck

Should You Use Ready Mix Concrete for Your Driveway Project?

Ready-mix concrete has the following advantages to consider when constructing your driveway.

Assured Quality

There is stringent control over material testing, process parameters, and continual monitoring of essential procedures during the manufacturing process. Experts ensure the entire process meets quality standards to get the best product.

Customized Mixes

Manufacturers can tailor the concrete mixture to fit the job’s or customer’s specifications. It allows flexibility and improvisations of construction ideas.

Decreased Dust Pollution

Preparing cement on-site produces a lot of dust and noise. Ready-mix concrete does not create dust on-site and minimizes noise pollution.


Ready-mix concrete requires less on-site labor, reducing the cost of production. Buying concrete in bulk is also cheaper than purchasing the raw materials individually.

Efficient and Time-Saving

The mixture developed in the batch plant is ready to lay on the construction site straight from the truck. You don’t need as much equipment to work on the project, either.

Faster Construction

Because the concrete is ready out of the truck, construction takes less time than mixing the ingredients on the construction site.

Zero Waste

Ready-mix concrete manufacturing only uses the materials needed for the project, so nothing goes to waste.

Driveway Concrete Options

There are several options to choose from when deciding the kind of driveway design to use:

Poured Concrete

As the name suggests, this driveway concrete option gets poured, molded, and cured on-site. Homeowners and builders are increasingly opting for poured concrete because it is simple and durable. Additionally, it requires little maintenance. 

Poured concrete is sturdy, easy to manage, and provides a clean look to your driveway.

Stamped Concrete

Also known as patterned concrete, stamped concrete imitates natural stones like slate, tiles, or brick. It’s common in patios and driveways because of the range of colors and patterns available.


  • A wide array of colors and patterns
  • Sealable for weather protection
  • Customization


  • Prone to cracking
  • Requires regular resealing


At AM Construction & Concrete, we provide a wide range of concrete materials and services for design, installation, or maintenance projects. We will work with you to create a beautiful, durable, and cost-effective driveway. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any construction or concrete services.

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