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What Is Shotcrete & How Is It Used? 

merced concrete worker spraying shotcrete

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If you’re considering doing concrete work around your home and you’ve done some research, chances are you’ve come across shotcrete and you’re wondering what it is. Shotcrete is a wet or dry cement that can be mixed in different ways to meet the specific requirements of your project. The mixture of shotcrete is then sprayed at high speeds onto the structure you’re building in the desired locations. It can be applied to a vertical (think swimming pool walls) or horizontal structure and it dries quickly making it a great material for professional concrete workers. 

What are the benefits of using Shotcrete? 

Some of the most popular benefits of using shotcrete include: 

  • Good for water structures: Many water structures such as swimming pools, water features, etc. use shotcrete because it’s easy to spray in place and the mixture can be customized to meet the look you’re going for. 
  • Long lasting: Shotcrete commonly lasts for decades without requiring any major repair work. This also makes it a great option for swimming pools. 
  • Less labor is required: Conventional concrete pouring requires a large time investment in building forms to hold the concrete in place while it dries. With shotcrete, this isn’t the case because it’s sprayed on and dries quickly. 
  • Cost effective: Using shotcrete can help you save money on your project in terms of labor and time needed. 
  • Customizable: Shotcrete can be mixed in different ways to improve things like water resistance, for example. 
  • Easy to apply: Since it’s sprayed on and dries quickly, it is easy to apply shotcrete to areas that would traditionally be very difficult such as overhead or underground. 
  • Adaptable: Because it’s sprayed on and doesn’t require the advanced forms, you can customize the shape and design of your structure in more interesting ways. This is one of the big reasons that so many homeowners use shotcrete for their unique swimming pools. 

What Projects Can Shotcrete Be Used For? 

Shotcrete is such a versatile building material that it can be used for nearly anything including: 

If you’re considering taking on a concrete project in the Central Valley, reach out to AM Construction & Concrete. Our team of experts has the skills, tools, and experience needed to ensure that your projects are done right the first time. Contact us today for a free quote. 

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